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Hydrofloors: A Vertically Retractable Swimming Pool (Finally!)

BY DAN NOSOWITZTue Mar 2, 2010


I don't know what took so long. It's just so obvious, you know? A swimming pool that doubles as, wait for it...a floor. Tired of swimming? Feel like walking? Then you need theHydrofloor.

Basically, the pool's floor slowly moves up and down, either up to ground level (where it's indistinguishable from the surrounding patio) or down, forming a more traditional pool. The best part might be the stairs--they retract from typical stairs into a kind of grooved flat surface.

The pool fills up with water as the ground lowers, meaning it's already filled with water even if it's sitting at ground level. Apparently that keeps energy costs lower as well, since it retains heat rather than requiring a separate heating time before use. The depth of the pool is adjustable, making it kind of a fun solution for incredibly rich people with kids, but a terrible solution for careless and/or blind divers. For a price, you've gotta contactHydrofloors, the manufacturer, but you can rest easy: you can't afford it.

[Via NotCot]

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엄청난 수영장.

보통은 그냥 바닥같지만, 바닥 자체가 움직여서 바닥이 내려가면 물이 차오르는 구조.

음.. 에너지 비용은 절감된다지만, 처음 설치 비용은 비쌀 듯. 

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